The Secret Ingredient

Or a little shameless self-promotion.

I had written another post for today, but it felt wrong not to give this space over to the launch of my new novel, officially published today. The Secret Ingredient is my eighth book. Coincidentally, my mum had eight babies. I wonder if she ever felt it would be expecting too much of people to be excited for her by number eight? Even though I have no doubt she loved that baby – my little sister – as much as the rest of us, and felt just as proud and elated … if perhaps, a little more tired!

By novel no. 8, I don’t expect everyone to experience the same thrill they did when my first book, Call Waiting, was published. My family are very proud of me, but it’s what I do now. There’s not the same level of excitement when my advance copy comes. It’s like, ‘Oh, that’s great, Mum. Congrats … What did you say we were having for dinner?’

Same with friends. ‘You’ve got another book coming out? But aren’t you writing at the moment?’

‘Yes, I’m working on the next one.’

‘So what will this be, six … seven now?’

There is no way the heightened level of excitement that accompanied that first book – even the first two or three – could be sustained. It would be impossible, and exhausting. I couldn’t do it, so I can hardly expect everyone else to.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not proud, and happy, and that I feel a very real sense of achievement. With the publication of The Secret Ingredient, I have over a million words in print. That boggles my mind. But more than that, the characters are part of my psyche now, taking their place alongside the characters from all my previous books.

So here’s to them! I hope they’re all right out in the big wide world, without me overseeing everything they do. They’re on their own now. I’m on to number nine …


27 thoughts on “The Secret Ingredient

  1. Dianne, I’ve just spent every possible hour reading Secret Ingredient, couldn’t leave it alone and thoroughly loved it. I had ordered it at the local bookstore and picked it up yesterday morning. You inspire me as I write my first book. Thanks so much.

  2. I see where you’re coming from, Di. I remember my first listing and it was a big enough deal to warrant cheers. I think there may have even been a celebratory cake. Now it’s only a big deal if I don’t have listings coming in – it’s expected. I do think that’s the sad thing about us humans, we are so easily conditioned. When something happens twice, it’s an automatic assumption that the bar has been set.

    The wonderful part for you is that you get to enjoy that “new relationship” feeling with your characters every time you begin a new book. You can guarantee your readers are always excited by each new addition. Personally, I wish you could find a way to pop them out quicker!

    I haven’t been out of the house to buy your new book yet. I’d really like to delay the gratification and save it for a road trip we have coming up at Christmas. With an average 9 hours in the car every day, I can’t think of a better way to pass the time.

  3. Hi Di,
    I left a message on your FB page about my faux pas on the weekend, purchasing what I thought was ‘No. 8’ [moral, never shop without your glasses on]. I for one have been excited for quite a few weeks now knowing that it was due on the shelves. I am looking forward to it with my usual anticipation when I know you have a new novel on the shelves. So, as for excitement – I feel it for you and I am also proud [and have been known to brag] to count you as a personal friend who is ‘famous’. Keep them coming and I will be just as excited about the release of your 28th book as I am about all of the others.
    Jill D

  4. Congrats, Di!
    A million words – and just think how many laughs, tears and knowing nods of the heads you’ve prompted as well (not to mention the sighs of ‘I wish I knew someone like Hal/Finn/Dominic’ *sigh* Dominic…)
    So, book #9… (well, at least I didn’t ask what’s for dinner ;-))

  5. Congrats Di and lets hope you have many more literary ‘babies’ 🙂

    Cant wait to read the new book (still nothing from the postman 😦 ) but I know it will definitely be worth the wait and a character similar to my ultimate fave Hal 😉 – I look forward to the wonderful banter between your main characters which I enjoyed so much in Wife for Hire 🙂

    Keep up the wonderful work you do Aussie writers proud 🙂 … And whats for dinner? LOL :O

    • What’s for dinner indeed! 🙂

      Now, I don’t want you thinking Dominic is just like Hal, he’s English for one thing. And a bit more reserved than Hal. Probably a lot more. But that has its charms …

      Hope your book has arrived by now! Thanks for your wonderful support x

  6. Well I’m very excited!! Maybe this is because I have only recently discovered your books, but there’s no less excitement from me than there was when I first discovered you earlier in the year. Can’t wait to read it on my Kindle (I now live in UK), it’s on my Christmas list! Keep up the good work Dianne. You are FAB!

  7. I have already finished the book ! I got a copy on Sat. and read it every spare minute.
    Congratulations yet another fabulous book. I think your books just keep getting better !

  8. Wow, Claire. Have they gone up? Did you buy them previously for cheaper? In Australia they’re only $9.99. I have no idea why they’re so much more expensive in the U.K.

    I will have to do some investigations!

    And Kate – I’d love to know where you’re writing from. Thanks!

  9. I will jump for joy for your number 8. Those of hoping to get number 1 off the ground can only dream of number 8. What a wonderful achievement. Congratulations.

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