Popping the blog cherry

Welcome to my new blog!

Sorry, I’ve only just moved in, so the place is a little bare at the moment – it doesn’t even have a name. Give me some time to settle in and I’ll make it more homely. But I had to ask you over now or else I might never get around to it.

I have been hesitating because I wasn’t sure what I could put in a blog, until I got to thinking about the next few months. My latest novel will be published in November. I have one son leaving for overseas and one who will return from overseas, one sitting his HSC, and one who is likely to do anything, and most certainly blog-worthy. I also have to sell my house and move to a totally new area, all while I try to write my next book.

So I think I should find something to blog about.

And so now I finally begin – at the same time as I begin my next novel. It should be an interesting way to chart the journey, at least. Perhaps I’ll come here when I’m stuck, or when I’m tearing my hair out because it’s all getting too hard. I could say I’ll drop in when it’s going like gangbusters, but then I probably won’t. Because that’s when you can’t stop, and you don’t want to stop. The characters have taken over the story and are running with it, so you have to run to keep up. That is the time I like the best, really one of the main reasons I keep writing. Because if it was all as hard as it is when the going is tough, what would make you want to keep going?

Sometimes it’s beginnings that are hard, like walking into a party with a lot of people you don’t know. Even if you’re outgoing and interested in getting to know them, not everyone will respond so willingly, or turn out to be type of person that you want to get to know. Then you’re stuck in a corner struggling to make conversation and waiting for an appropriate amount of time to pass before you can make an excuse to move on, go to the loo, get another drink, whatever. We’ve all been there, right?

Other times it’s a great party, you get along with everyone, you’re flitting about in all directions having a wonderful time, and you all want to party on … but then it gets late and you have to leave … which is when you realise there’s nowhere to go.

So here I am, on book number 9, with a little experience under my belt, taking my time to get to know my characters, not expecting too much, but hoping things will develop into a nice steady relationship.

How about you? How much time do you give characters to get to know them? A few pages, or a whole chapter? A couple of chapters perhaps? Or do you judge a book by its cover and the blurb on the back?

Leave a comment, or just say hi, so I know I’m not out here all by myself!


37 thoughts on “Popping the blog cherry

  1. what a great place to start, you are a very busy person and still found time to start your blog, can’t wait to keep following it. 🙂

  2. Well Dianne, if this is your first attempt at blogging, I’ll be coming back for more. Well done. Was it as scary as you thought it would be? xx

  3. Congrats Di, life can be so busy at times I know, but if blogging clears your mind count on me to be following you too! By the way borrowed 2 books from the library this week,Lianne’s & Berr’s. Have started with Lianne’s What Alice forgot and am loving it!!
    Looking forward to reading your new book soon !!

  4. Love It! The blog is great Dianne!! I have to admit that I only scan over the back covers of book.. Im usually a bit forgiving and give the characters a couple of chapters to get to know them…by that time you should be right there in the thick of the story with them: you have a idea of what a character looks like, what they sound like, you’re feeling what their feeling and you are actually there with them! I guess that sounds pretty intense… but then to me, reading a book is not just reading a story.. 🙂 Looking forward to your blog journey!

  5. Great start, Diane! I, for one, will be coming back. By the looks of things, you certainly won’t be talking to yourself. If it makes you feel any better, I joined WordPress in about April or May and have only written one paragraph of my first blog post. I’ve had a couple of complaints from people saying they clicked on the link and there was nothing there, so I think I’d better get down to it! It is a bit scary, especially when you’re not a writer. You’ve inspired me, though, and I shall just put my head down and do it! When I get a minute …

    Love your books and really looking forward to reading your new one.

    • I know how you feel, Joan! That’s why I just had to get stuck in and do it before I prettied the place up and added all the bells and whistles. But I felt a little sick when I pressed the ‘publish’ button!

      I’m glad I’ve inspired you though – just be yourself, write whatever you’re thinking about, it doesn’t have to be very long. Good luck!

  6. Di, lovely to see you in blog world. As you know I am currently building a new house and have my current one on the market as we speak, so stress galore.

    I have met some great future neighbours by having my blog that follows our building journey, and we all met through each others blogs and the estate forum. We are all from different walks of life and ages but get along so well, and if it wasn’t for the power of the social media, we would not have met.

    In fact I know more people where I am moving to than I do where I have lived for 33 years. Hmm, perhaps a sketchy profile of a future book of yours – all about meeting people over the internet!!!!

    Keep up the great work, can’t wait to read your new book, and your books are still constantly on “hold” at Endeavour Hills library after your popular visit this year.

    Will follow your blog religiously. Cheers Janine

    • Yes, I’ve seen your blog from time to time, Janine. My cousin did a similar thing when she was building her house – what a great way to journal the journey! And to meet future neighbours. That’s a very positive social network story!

      Thanks for your support – say hi to all the girls at Endeavour Hills!

  7. How lovely to see you blogging and sharing your life outside your writing.

    As readers, we lose ourselves in your characters and ‘forget’ that there’s a real person behind it all.

    Hearing about all the things going on increases my admiration of authors – you’re not just tucked up, starving and cold, in your cramped, paper-strewn attic.

    Enjoy this different form of writing – I’ll certainly enjoy reading.

  8. You’d be welcome at my party anytime, Di…

    Howdy. No need to ask how things are – they sound busy!! I’m taking the time to catch up on the backlist that I’ve missed since I left Aus. So bear with me. But in the meantime, I’ll be following you – not in a creepy, pervy kind of way; just with much interest and affection.

    Much love from what my Dad still refers to as “the Orient”. pkxx

  9. Di….congratulations! Great Blog and look at all the comments. It must have been very daunting at first wondering what sort of a response you would get. Looking forward to reading more…your
    avid fan named Cas!

  10. I usually wait 3 chapters if the wind isn’t blowing up my skirt I usually read some of the middle and the second last chapter and see if that makes me want to keep going…it usualy does the trick…not with your books I don’t seem to have that trouble at all

  11. Di, NEVER in the history of knowing you have you EVER been lost for words…….. look forward to keeping up with your adventure. Would be even nicer to do it in the flesh…!!!??? This is myfirst time joining in a blog, nearly 50 and blogging, who would have ever thought!!! haha.

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